3M2190 Classic II HKD $950.00
H08A Double Chestpieces HKD $500.00
H07A Single Chestpiece HKD $200.00
HM013 Single Chestpiece HKD $136.00 
Hand sanitizer machine
ET211 infrared automatic hand
Infrared sensing, no contact
400 ml capacity
4 x AA batteries
Suitable for all kinds of soap use

Blood sugar machine products
DB004 Accu-Chek Active 1 department
DB004B GC set Accutrend dipstick (50 PCS) 1 box of HKD $240.00
DB004C GC set Accutrend cholesterol test (5 PCS) 1 box of HKD $150.00
Electronic device
Pop328 hand WanShi 1 department
Pop704 arm type 1 department HKD
Pop767PLUS arm type 1 department
Pop767W Pop767PLUS arm circle a
Pop787 arm type 1 department HKD