The correct use of electronic device should pay attention to what problem?
One is each person's blood pressure in one day is greatly changed. Strictly speaking, people every moment of blood pressure is different, it is with the person's psychological state, time, seasons, the changes in temperature and measurement of the parts (arm or wrist), postures (sit or lie) different and change. Therefore, each measure blood pressure numerical different is a normal phenomenon

2 it is measuring method is not correct. When measuring the should notice the following three points: first is the cuffs to the height of the heart in the same position with height, and cuffs of the hose should be put in humerus pulses point, the bottom of the cuffs elbow shall be higher than 1 ~ 2 cm; At the same time cuffs roll pierced with reasonable can insert a just enough to advisable. Second is the measure before the state must be quiet about 10 minutes. The last two times but also what the measured time intervals not less than three minutes, and parts, postures should agree. Do these three points, it should be said, measurement of blood pressure is

Hypertension risk factors what
1. High salt diet salt is associated with hypertension main evidence, from the comparative research between groups. Limit hypertensive patients decreasing sodium (salt and sodium food), blood pressure drops, taking diuretic, platoon sodium and water, blood pressure decline. In some sodium intake is very low crowd, don't know high blood pressure cases, like Japan and per capita sodium intake is about American

2. Exciting exciting inside and outside is exciting factor of the subjective cause has obvious sense of urgency, the corresponding nervous behavior and accompanied by physiological, psychological change and so on a series of activities process. Exciting significantly brainstem mesh uplink shock live system excitability function, cause a series of blood catecholamine kind of hormone rise, increased blood pressure, heart rate, head and muscle blood supply increase, the internal organs to reduce blood supply, this period if too strong and lasting or hair, can cause cardiovascular system function and organic damage.

If you have high blood pressure
A, headache and head heavy
High blood pressure disease caused by a headache appeared in the back of most of the parts, and with nausea, vomiting feeling; If often feel headache and very severe and nausea sick again at the same time, this is to malign hypertension transformation of the special symptoms.

Second, dizzy
High blood pressure disease caused by dizzy symptoms, female patients experienced more, male patients also have the symptoms. For high blood pressure appear dizzy, feel the body is out of balance, trapped difficult and walk very dizzy, may be NaoChongXie or warning signs of stroke.

Sports prevent diabetes
Diabetes education plan called for, 60 years old, have type 2 diabetes risk or already in pre-diabetes shall be appropriately increased adult physical activity to prevent the development of diabetes.

If you are not a keen on motion, 5 days a week from 10 minutes of physical activity began, and gradually increase until 30 minutes. To walk around, even if it's just a few minutes every day, is also sports a good start against diabetes. What sports can you be?